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Spiritual Treatments

Healing through spiritual methodology is the process in which supernatural phenomenons and mantras are used to cure disease or disorder. This is not a myth or fiction. It is, today, universally accepted that supernatural power does exist. Spiritual treatment generally uses Cosmic Energy as a tool for healing.

Spiritual healing involves the process of transferring cosmic energy to a person either directly through the environment or through another person, called Healer. A healer is a spiritual source of the energy. If a healer is involved in the treatment, he/she places his/her hand on the person being treated, and transfers positive cosmic energy that was earlier acquired from the environment. The healer also recites some mantras depending on the patient's condition. Basically, the healer is the one who has obtained Siddhis (supernatural powers) from Yoga and Meditation. He/she has the capability to take positive energy from the environment and transfer it to some other person's body. This holy energy and mantras, together, effect the sufferer's body and spirit directly. Spiritual healing is beneficial in mental disorders as well as malfunctioning of physical parts of the body. If you do not want spiritual treatment by a healer, then the only other option for spiritual treatment is prayer, which has supreme natural powers.

Healers believe that mostly disorders start from mind or somewhere in your soul. So, they first try to purify your spirit and psyche through mantras and positive energy. Our senses are the gift of that divine energy which we call God and if these senses face any disorder, God itself cures them. Spiritual treatment is not black magic...it has nothing to do with typical tantra-mantra-ojhas...it doesn't have any negative after-effects. In fact, spirituality has some benefits over other forms and modes of treatment. Once you are in the shadow of God's wings, you have a feeling of security. You need not to worry about further results. You are not alone if that divine power is going to heal you. Have faith in it.

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