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Edakkal Caves, WayanadTake a trip to the land of Spicy Hills !! Wayanad, popular for its tribes, is a wonderful spot to visit wildlife, hills, rocks and valleys. Wayanad district lies in the North-Eastern part of Kerala (over the Western Ghats) and covers an area of around 2132 sq. km. Initially, Wayanad belonged to Vedar kingdom, but later it came under the power of Mysore. Its dense rain forests has a wide variety in wildlife. Wayanad is known for its native tribal families, comprising of Paniyas, Adiyas, Kattunayakan and Kurichiyans. These tribes consist of more than 36% of the total population of Wayanad. Less than 4% part of Wayanad is urbanized.

The green hills of Wayanad are famous for the cultivation of coffee & tea and spices like cocoa, pepper, plantain and vanilla. Wayanad is also rich in rice. The place has thick vegetation because of dense forests, hills, mountains and several rivers. Chembra Peak (2100 m) and Banasura peak (2073 m) are good spots to visit.

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an interesting place to visit. This sanctuary was established in 1973. It is popular among tourists for its rich bio-diversity. Animals like bison, elephant, deer and tiger can be easily spotted here. This sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

You can also go to the Edakkal Caves. These caves are situated on the Ambukuthi hills in Wayanad district. These caves are popular for their ancient carvings and pictorial writings. Their special writings consist of human and animal images. They reveal an era of ancient human habitation. The word Edakkal means 'a stone placed between two rocks'. Edakkal rock engravings are totally distinct from the other marvelous paintings and graphics of the state.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, WayanadWayanad is also famous for its Thirunelly Temple. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is believed to be more than 3000 years old. It is situated on the Brahma Giri Hills alongside the Papanashini River. The temple architecture is very different. The shrine is covered with granite columns. There is a small pond in the temple premises, called Pancha Theertha.

The most beautiful tourist spot of Wayanad is Pookot Lake. This natural fresh water lake is surrounded by high mountains and evergreen forests. You can enjoy boating in the crystal clear water of this lake.

Nurtured by Western Ghats, the major portion of Wayanad's flora is covered by tea & coffee plantations. The dense forests, spread over 20,864 hectares of land, are well known for rose-wood, anjili (Artocarpus), mullumurikku (Erthrina), caussia, teak, areca nut palms, jack trees etc. The climate at Wayanad is favourable for the cultivation of cocoa, pepper, plantain and vanilla.

Good quality eucalyptus of Wayanad are popular in plywood industry, and eucalyptus oil is also used in several industries.

The wildlife sanctuary here is famous for elephants, bison, deer and tiger. Besides, you can also find bonnet monkeys, loris, mongooses, jungle cats, squirrels, jackals, hares etc. in a few limited areas.

You can buy a variety of handicrafts including embroidered mats in Wayanad. It also provides a huge market for tea, coffee and spices.

Thirunelly Temple, WayanadThe weather is pleasant throughout the year in Wayanad. Temperature ranges between 13 to 32 degrees. The climate here is suitable for horticulture. High hills generally stay cool. Wayanad experiences high humidity during the monsoon period. So, try to avoid South-West monsoon months (June-September) for your vacations in Wayanad.

Calicut/Kozhikode airport is the nearest one from Wayanad, which is approximately 100 km. Cochin airport is around 300 km. The nearest railway station is again at Calicut. Besides, it is well connected by road with all  parts of the state through the KSRTC Bus Service.

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