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Theyyam Dance, KeralaKerala owes its popularity to not only its natural beauty but also to its fascinating dance and music. Dance and music are the precious jewels of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Keralites are deeply dedicated to their dance and music which are the parts of their culture since ages. The glorious stories of the past are beautifully portrayed through dance and music. Both classical and folk dance and music of Kerala are admired by the tourists coming from far and wide.

Famous Dance Forms Of Kerala:

Famous the world over, Kathakali dance is mesmerizing to the core. It is a classical dance form which originated in Kerala around 300 years back. Basically it is a dance-drama comprising of various art forms like dance, music, theatre, literature and instruments. Dramatic make up and colourful costumes are the main highlights of the dance. The theme for this dance form is mainly taken from the Indian epics and Puranas.

This is another classical dance form of Kerala known for its graceful mudras( hand gestures, movements of the body and face expressions. The performers wear simple but elegant costume—pure white or ivory dress with a beautiful golden border.

Christian in origin, Chavittunatakom dance form is a musical drama. Showing a great deal of foreign influence, the costume of this dance form is Greco-Roman and the props used also show Roman influence.

Oppana dance form basically belongs to the Muslim community of Kerala. It is usually performed during weddings. Young girls and women dance on the rhythm of the songs which are first sung by the leader and then repeated by the chorus.

Krishnanattam DanceDramatic in every sense, Krishnanattam is an interesting dance form of Kerala. The facial make-up is heavy and colourful which adds more charm to the dance. Facial masks are also worn by the performers.

Carnatic music is an important form of Indian music which occupies a prized place in the culture of Kerala. This music gain popularity because of the fruitful efforts of Swathi Thirunal, the musician king of the erstwhile Travancore state. The tambura, mridangam, ghatam, ganjira, violin and morsing are some of the instruments used in this music form.

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