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People and CultureSimple and amiable, such are the people of Kerala. Known as Keralites, they are religious in nature and are very protective about their traditions and beliefs. They take pride in their rich heritage of culture which they have preserved since ages. Following simple lifestyle, keralites find pleasure in simple things of life. Malayalam is the main language spoken by them. Keralites encourage their children not only for excelling in studies but also in dance, music and sports. They are art lovers. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India.

Kerala Cuisine:
Healthy and delicious, the cuisine of Kerala consists of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Each region offers its own special dish. Rice, fish and coconut are the most commonly used ingredients. Famous dishes of the state are payasam, puttu, idli sambar, rasam, kanji, biriyani,fish moli and fried fish.

Dance and Music:
Dance and music are intricately woven into the culture of Kerala. Famous the world over, Kathakali dance and Mohiniyaattam dance are the main classical dance forms of Kerala. Kathakali is a 500 year old dance drama. The music is mainly carnatic. Traditional folk song are sung during occasions like marriages, childbirth and festivals.

Martial Arts and Sports:
Kalarippayattu, the martial arts of Kerala is influenced by both Kerala's Brahminical past and Ayurvedic medicine. It is fast gaining popularity in the world. Theyyam and poorakkali are the other two ritual arts of Kerala. Football, soccer, badminton, kabaddi and cricket are some of the interesting sports popular in Kerala.

People and Culture

The history of the literature of Kerala dates back to the ancient times. Many eminent personalities of Kerala contributed a lot to its literature. Niranam poets( Madhava Panikkar, Sankara Panikkar and Rama Panikar) made a great contribution to modern Malayalam language and indigenous Keralite poetry. The contemporary writer Arundhati Roy's book 'The God of small things' gained international fame. P.Bhaskaran and ONV Kurup have greatly contributed to the contemporary literature.

Filled with enjoyment, fun and laughter, the festivals of Kerala are truly high on entertainment. Mouth watering dishes are prepared during the festivals. Be it harvest, marriage or some religious ceremony, Keralites are always ready to celebrate life. Onam is one of the most important festival which is celebrated throughout the state with great enthusiasm.

The craftsmen of Kerala are known for making wonderful handicrafts. A wide variety of handicrafts are produced here such as wood and metal carvings, metal jewellery, paintings of elephants, coir products, granite statues, wooden face of a Kathakali dancer and silk saris.

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