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Chinese Fishing Net

Cochin, KeralaThe Chinese fishing net (Cheena vala) is unique to Fort Kochi. Manually operated, these fishing nets have a nylon net of 20 metre or more, tied horizontally to two axis poles attached to a base. Three or four men throw the big net into the water. One pole goes down in the water with net and other remains above the water level, which later helps in puling the net out. The net is left in water for a while, and is then pulled up on ropes. Like a big scoop, the net collects a huge number of fish from the water. The net can not be thrown in water continuously. Its installation depends on the height and speed of tidal waves.

People suggest that these fishing nets basically originated in China. The methodology was introduced to Kochi by the Chinese who came here to trade. The Chinese fishing nets have become a very popular tourist attraction. The size and design of the net and its rhythmic operational method is very hypnotic. Fresh fish can be purchased near the Chinese Fishing Nets and can be cooked in any nearby stall. You need to pay a small amount to enjoy this traditional pattern of fishing.

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